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It pays to spend a few moments preparing your car for winter journeys to ensure you are prepared for every eventuality. 

We suggest keeping these box of essentials in the car:
* Shovel
* Blanket
* High-Vis Jacket
* Torch
* De-icer
* Anti-Freeze
* Phone Charger
* Water + Snacks
* Hat, Scarf, Gloves

If your car starts to spin its wheels in the snow or ice remember to move away in second gear at slow speeds to stop your wheels spinning. When slowing down move down the gears to slow the vehicle instead of hitting the brakes - this will avoid under/over steer. Lastly, double your stopping distance between you and the car in front. Arrive alive!

Want to get your vehicle checked over by our technicians? Book a £20 Winter Check. Call the team on 01522 688889.